Shawnee Blinds and Window Treatments


Woven woods are a simple window treatment that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Environmentally conscious individuals love the beauty of this type of window covering and the fact that they are going green at the same time instead of using hardwood for window treatments.

Woven Woods

Woven woods are available in many different shades of neutral tones. When you choose custom-made woven woods to cover your windows, you can also add a touch of accent color to be woven into the design to match your decor. Woven woods are often called bamboo shades or matchstick shades because many are made from bamboo fibers that are woven together. The different shades of wood that are intertwined together can create intriguing patterns of beauty on any window. To tie in a woven wood window treatment you may choose to have a valance made for it to hide the stack at the top of the window and add trim on the sides and bottom of the shade and the valance for a truly interesting pattern.