Shawnee Blinds and Window Treatments

Kansas City Shutters Expert

Instantly upgrade your home and add value to it with classical indoor plantation shutters. Hardwood shutters are extremely beautiful and stunning in any home. You can choose to have your custom shutters stained or painted in any color you wish to match the trim work in your home, or to add a pop of accent color in any room.

Shutters Features

Shutters are versatile because they may be hung in different orientations that dictate what they look like when they are open. Cafe-style shutters are charming in windows that don’t get a lot of sunlight and heat. They cover the bottom half of the windows and leave the top half open. You may opt for the tier-on-tier style in which there is a set of two shutters on the top half of the window and another set of two shutters on the bottom half of the window. In this style, the top and bottom halves operate independently of each other, so you can choose to have either the top or bottom only open when the shutters swing open to the outside of the windows.

Faux wood shutters are made of a composite material that is specially treated so they don’t bend, break, crack, warp or discolor in the bright sunlight. Faux wood shutters look just like hardwood shutters with the wood grain of beautiful swirls and whorls that are accented by your choice of stain or paint color. Faux wood shutters are an excellent choice for hot and humid areas, such as your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room, and you get all of these benefits with a lower price point than hardwood, making them an affordable and beautiful choice for window treatments.